The Sugar & Spice Ranch Is Opening in Wyoming!

Published: 3/29/2012 10:28:38 AM


Extra Extra read all about it! Calling all dads, sons, grand moms, grand dads, friends and relative as of August 2012 The Sugar & Spice Guest Ranch will be offering week long packages to the general public at their new location in Wyoming. For mothers and daughters their Texas location will still be offering Mother  & Daughter packages.       

 Your hostess, Leigh E McCourt, grew up on an Arabian horse farm and by the time she reached the ripe old age of 3 years old had already decided that one day she would own a guest ranch in Texas. She decided to combine her intense love of horses and of her daughters into a guest ranch that specializes in mother & daughter bonding experiences. Leigh then decided to once again share her love of horses and the outdoors in a new location this year in Wyoming with groups of 10 people at a time. And like her Texas guest ranch location for moms and daughters guests are assigned their own horse at the beginning of the week and taught how to groom, feed, tack up and ride. Expect to do a lot of riding as most days are spent riding across thousands of acres of wide open spaces.

On some days you can choose from morning or afternoon rides or both with lunch back at the ranch. On other days there are day long rides where guests stop at a picturesque pond for lunch, picnic-style, brought in by the guest ranch’s chef on an ATV.

If you need a break from riding there is always something fun to do like fly-fishing, hiking or canoeing on one of several ponds or the LaBonte creek that runs through The Sugar & Spices Guest Ranch property. In the evening spend time with others in your group sharing tales over candlelit dinners or campfire meals. Reconnect with nature at the Wyoming location and digitally detox from the world you left behind. There isn’t any electricity but there is always hot running water for soothing showers after a long day. At night as your return to your lantern-lit cabins a sense of peace and tranquility will lull you to sleep as you hear the soft bugling of bull elks on the hill.

 The Sugar & Spice Guest Ranch in Wyoming is about getting back to the basics and stepping back into time. It is a place where people come together to share their love of land and country. For your next guest ranch vacation why not consider visiting The Sugar & Spice Guest Ranch listed on RanchSeeker?


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