RanchSeeker's Photo Corner Part 2

Published: 9/5/2012 12:02:35 PM


RanchSeeker represents many guest ranches and working ranches found in the USA, Canada, and South America. In our last blog post we posted some photos that our guest ranches and working ranches picked out to share with you. We asked them to choose one of their favourite photos and tell us why they like it so much and what it represents to them. Here are some more guest rancher’s favourite photo picks and why.

Southern Cross Guest Ranch, Madison, Georgia

Southern Cross Guest Ranch is a premier year-round guest ranch and horse farm conveniently nestled in Central Georgia's Historic Heartland and within an hour’s drive from Atlanta. Home to over 200 quality Paint and Quarter horses, the ranch is best known for its exceptional hands-on horseback riding program, unguided riding opportunities, and peaceful, comfortable setting. We welcome you to experience our delightful accommodations, exceptional cuisine, and southern hospitality.

“This photo represents that Southern Cross Ranch is at its core a bona fide horse farm and also portrays a relaxing atmosphere.  Note the fisherman on far left, fishing just feet from the grazing horses.  The ranch is home to 200 horses.”- Noel  

Elk Mountain Guest Ranch, Buena Vista, Colorado

Elk Mountain Guest Ranch is unique for its spectacular setting, horseback rides of unmatched beauty and variety, superb menu, and intimate capacity. Horseback through unspoiled wilderness, experience thrilling white water raft trips, vehicle trips to Aspen and overnight camp trip high in the Rockies.

 “This is one of my favourite pictures of our new foal, Clyde, with her mother, Bonnie, watching over her.  I love this photo as new life is always a grand thing.” --Sue  

Zapata Ranch, Mosca, Colorado

The Zapata Ranch is a 103,000 acre authentic working cattle and bison, guest ranch owned by The Nature Conservancy. It borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve along most of its eastern border. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains tower alongside the ranch with several 14,000 foot peaks with trail heads leading into them, just minutes from the lodge. It has one of the most scenically spectacular and diverse geological landscapes to be found anywhere in the world.

 “This was taken on a ride through the Great Sand Dunes National park. We think this picture shows the vastness of the beautiful dunes that are so unique to our area and Zapata ranch, something you won't see or experience at any other ranch!”—Kate  

A Tennessee Guest Ranch, Dunlap, Tennessee

Cowboy Up for a great adventure with your very own Guest Ranch Horse at the Tennessee Guest Ranch! Bring cowboy history to life as you learn about the 1800's ranch life in America from the hooves up! Located just a gallop from Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville,TN and Atlanta, GA, in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee!

 “The best part of National Horse Camp is having a wonderful horse to call my very own”—Summer  

Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch, Winston, New Mexico

Small family owned ranch with emphasis on horseback riding. Nestled among tall Ponderosa pines and situated in some of the most breathtaking, untouched country in America: Geronimo, Apache country, outlaw hideouts, early Mimbres people dwellings. You’ll find abundant wildlife, great food and a great climate.

 “This photo is our favorite because it is taken riding through one of our favorite canyons. This is Taylor Creek Canyon: 500 foot cliffs with crystal clear, spring fed Taylor Creek running through it creating a lush oasis!”—Meris  

Apache Spirit Ranch, Tombstone, Arizona

Luxury and Western Hospitality Enjoy delicious ranch cooking, guided activities, the elegance of a Southern Arizona guest ranch, and a staff dedicated to make your stay something truly special. If you've always dreamed of experiencing the Wild West, Apache Spirit Ranch is a dream come true!

 “This is one of our newest Photos taken at the Apache Spirit Ranch. We like it a lot because it shows men and women, horse and human, men and nature, cowboys and Native Americans in peace and harmony.”--Julia


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