RanchSeeker Welcomes Estancia Ranquilco, Argentina

Published: 7/6/2012 8:39:12 AM


Argentina encompasses a diverse assortment of natural environments. It is a land where agriculture and cattle raising are very important parts of its culture and economy. Argentina is home to the imposing Andes mountain range, which serves as a boundary between Chile and Argentina. The Patagonian Steppe area is Argentina’s outback. Guest ranches or "Estancias" as they are called in Argentina often fall under the category of Adventure Riding which means those trips usually last 7 days or more and involve exotic and remote locations for off the beaten track. Accommodations can be cabins, wall tents, or rustic camping, and the riding can include multi-day pack trips into wild areas. Connect with the traditional gaucho lifestyle and learn about Argentina’s traditions while enjoying great food, breathtaking scenery and friendly people.

 Estancia Ranquilco, owned and operated by the Carrithers family since 1979, has been run as a cattle ranch since they first bought it but ten years ago they decided to start taking on guests on a small scale. Estancia Ranquilco is special in many ways. The first thing that comes to mind is the location. It is very remote and far off the grid, away from cell phones, internet or T.V. Guests enjoys a great level of relaxation and a chance to truly get away from it all for a time.

Guests at their ranch become a part of their small family and community. They only have 6-12 guests at any given time to ensure that guests receive a very personalized guest ranch experience. Estancia Ranquilco’s 100,000 acre horse and cattle ranch is nestled in the foothills of the Andes. It is a vast expanse of land in Patagonia, stretching across leagues of high steppes, river valleys, grazing meadows, and jagged cliffs, into the very heart of the Argentine cordillera. Ranquilco’s shares a border to the west with Chile – the high country — graced with lakes, waterfalls, condors, hot springs, and weeks of wandering.

At Estancia Ranquilco connect with the traditional gaucho lifestyle – ride the range with one of Estancia Ranquilco’s gauchos as he goes about his work, join a mate circle, and dance to traditional folk music at an asado (BBQ). Open up to the timeless rhythms of nature – enjoy breathtaking views, swim in the river, and hike miles of trails in search of condors .Have an authentic hands-on ranch experience and enjoy a taste of country life– help milk their cow Petunia or bake bread with their chef.  

Step back in time at Estancia Ranquilco and experience the real Patagonia; its landscape, people, and traditions.


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