RanchSeeker Welcomes a New Guest Ranch!

Published: 1/5/2012 10:28:15 AM


RanchSeeker kicks off 2012 by welcoming a new guest ranch in Montana to our website. Guest ranches in Montana take advantage of the national parks (including the well-known Yellowstone National Park) and the mixture of mountainous and prairie landscapes to attract visitors. Covered Wagon Ranch, owned by Jerry Taylor and Debi Naccarto, is located in Galletin Gateway.

 Both Jerry and Debi, after having successful careers (Debi, a licensed pharmacist, owned an infusion pharmacy business with offices throughout the State of Montana; and Jerry, a licensed architect, owned an architectural firm for over 20 years) both sold out and decided to semi-retire. For over 30 years they had enjoyed horseback-riding the land surrounding the Covered Wagon Ranch. Once retired they decided to get into the guest ranch business and chose the Covered Wagon Ranch as their new home. Covered Wagon Ranch is steeped in history.

The historic character of the ranch (built in 1926), its proximity to Yellowstone National Park, and its spectacular horseback riding opportunities make it a truly special guest ranch. It is possible to ride over 100 different trails, including trails into Yellowstone and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area.

 Covered Wagon Ranch is one of the oldest continuously operating guest ranches in the canyon, and any changes that have been made are in the interest of the comfort and enjoyment of their guests today. Here, you'll stay in historic log cabins with their original 1920's charm, complete with wood-burning stoves and rustic wood furniture, but you'll also enjoy private baths, great meals and pampered attention from Jerry and Debi who are always happy to cater to your every need. So treasured is this place that it's become a tradition among families, individuals and couples over the years ˜ in fact, most of their guests are return visitors or their friends and families. So for your next guest ranch vacation consider visiting Covered Wagon Ranch.

Happy Trails!


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