Oklahoma Dude Ranch | Oklahoma Ranch Vacations

Ranches in Oklahoma take advantage of the region’s forests, mountain ranges, prairie landscapes, and forests, rich Native American history to attract guests. Even the state’s name, which is the Choctaw Indian word for “red man,” reflects the strong influence that Native Americans had and still have on the Sooner State. Oklahoma dude ranches offer plenty of activities based on Native history, such as learning to throw tomahawks or shooting with a bow and arrow. You’ll even find an Oklahoma dude ranch located on former Indian Territory.

But the rich Native culture and history isn’t all you’ll find on your Oklahoma ranch vacation. Enjoy a wide range of activities that are sure to please every member in your tribe, including fishing, canoeing, swimming, learning to rope a straw calf, or learning to shoot a rifle and a pistol. Stay in a rustic log cabin that features all the modern amenities. An Oklahoma dude ranch vacation offers a little taste of the Old West at its very best!

Imagine learning how to saddle and ride a horse, mountain biking or hiking in the afternoon, and joining your hosts and fellow guests for a backyard barbeque in the evening. These activities only scratch the surface of all the possible activities you could partake in during your Oklahoma ranch stay.

You can choose a more independent stay and explore at your leisure, or have the ranch arrange activities for you.