Idaho Dude Ranches

Idaho dude ranches take advantage of the Rocky Mountain landscape and exciting outdoor activities to attract visitors.

Imagine going for a mountainous hike first thing in the morning, white water rafting in the afternoon, relaxing next to a warm fire with your hot chocolate in the evening. All this and more is possible at an Idaho ranch. On subsequent days during your stay at an Idaho dude ranch, you may find yourself out on cattle drives, horseback riding, relaxing in a hot tub or pool, rafting, or even canoeing. One favorite is the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

Idaho offers guests some truly spectacular scenery. Known as the “Gem State” because of its rich gemstone deposits, Idaho dazzles and surprises visitors with its geographical variety and stunning natural wonders. Each and every Idaho dude ranch takes full advantage of the state’s incredible scenery. From rich farmland to spectacular mountain locations, an Idaho ranch vacation will offer virtually any type of wilderness experience you can imagine.

In addition to spectacular landscapes, Idaho also boasts incredible rivers, which means that the fishing is out of this world! Not only will you experience horseback riding on an Idaho dude ranch, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and excitement provided by the state’s magnificent rivers. Whether you prefer your days to be filled with activities or simply kicking back for a little well-deserved rest and relaxation, you’ll find it all on your Idaho ranch vacation.

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Diamond D Ranch, Stanley
McGarry Ranches, Rexburg
Red Horse Mountain Ranch, Harrison
Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, Sandpoint