Guest Ranch Activities after Dark!

Published: 8/24/2011 10:44:49 AM


There are numerous activities to enjoy while visiting a guest ranch and after the sun goes down the fun continues.Guest ranch activities will vary from guest ranch to guest ranch so be sure to check with the individual ranch that you are booking with in advance. Here are some examples of what you will be able to do after dark on your next guest ranch vacation.

1)      Cookouts and Campfire Sing-Alongs. Many guest ranches have at least 1 cookout per week where guests gather around together to enjoy such culinary delights such as barbecued steak, sausages, corn, potatoes and fresh salads. After a filling meal guests can join staff members around a warm crackling fire to sing along to old favourites and new songs accompanied by guitars and even the odd harmonica or two. You may even get to roast marshmallows on a stick and finish your night off with a few s’mores. For example Red Reflet Guest Ranch has campfire programs with a cowboy singer to delight its guests

 2)      Western Dancing. After dinner break out your dancing shoes and join in the fun with some western dancing. It doesn’t matter if you know the steps or not as someone is sure to show you the way. Country dancing at a guest ranch is informal and since there are many different versions that go by different names from region to region there is always something new to learn. For example on Thursday nights Harmel’s Ranch Resort offers dancing with professional square-dance caller Walt Cranor.

3)      Spa Treatments. After a long day mounted on a horse or hiking through the mountains you may wish to indulge yourself in a spa treatment found at many guest ranch spas today. Spa treatments could include Eastern techniques or Western techniques that are sure to pamper your body and soul. For example at Sorrel River Ranch & Spa they satisfying guests seeking a destination spa retreat with revitalizing spa treatments and renewing body massages.

4)      Go Into Town. Many guest ranches are close to major towns or cities. You could decide to dine away from the ranch that night or just head into town for dessert and a drink. Exploring new places and meeting the locals is always fun to do. For example at Colorado Trails Guest Ranch they feature an evening at an old fashioned Melodrama in Durango.

5)      Movie Night. Guest ranches often have cozy home theaters so that guests can unwind at night by watching a movie. Often with lots of titles to choose from you can catch-up on movie night while on vacation. 6)      Games. Get in touch with your inner child and play one of many games that you can find in guest ranches like scrabble, Pictionary, checkers or pool. Great family fun. For example Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch has a games night as part of their weekly entertainment.

7)      Late Night Swim or Jacuzzi. Wash away any aches and pains that you may have after a long day’s fun at a guest ranch by enjoying a late night swim or Jacuzzi. Nowadays most guest ranches have either swimming pools or indoor/outdoor Jacuzzis and some ranches are situated close to lakes.

 8)      Just Relax. Guest ranch vacations are all about relaxing as well as participating in lots of fun activities.

So grab a book, snuggle up in a comfy chair or just kick back and relax with your partner and enjoy the clean air, starry skies and breathtaking views. To find your ideal guest ranch vacation use RanchSeeker’s Dude Ranch Finder


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