Flying E Ranch

Published: 12/23/2014 5:06:48 PM


A Specialist in Authentic Western Hospitality Since 1946

Awarded the title of Best of the West 2011 for Working Dude Ranches by Cowboys & Indians magazine, Flying E Ranch offers a relaxed setting where you and your family can truly unwind. Four miles west of Wickenburg, the ranch overlooks the Vulture Peak formation, which is famous for this historic Vulture Gold Mine nestled in it. It’s also a few hours from the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Las Vegas, ensuring something for everyone.

Flying E Ranch

The History of Flying E Ranch

The original Flying E Ranch was established in 1946 when Lee Everly purchased 3,000 acres and built a lodge with eight guest rooms, a barn inspired by Oregon, and a 3,200 ft. airstrip. I 1952, the ranch ended up in the hands of George and Vi Wellik after they spotted the ranch from their private plane in 1949. However, despite dedicating ample time to the ranch, he stayed in Bellflower, California for his tire and land developing businesses. Ranch managers handled everything until 1960 when he, his wife and two children took full control of the ranch.

Flying E Ranch History

 George and Vi expanded the ranch by purchasing additional land and leases bringing its area up to 21,000 acres. However, George donated land to the town, prompting it to name its Municipal Airport of Wickenburg as Wellik Field in his memory. Many changes have taken place since then; the airstrip was transformed into a grass horse pasture while the ranch carried out cow/calf operations, gaining fame for its Angus and Barzona stock.

Why You’ll Fall in Love with Flying E Ranch Like George and Vi

If you enjoy spending your vacations at dude ranches, Flying E Ranch should be one of your options. Here are some reasons why:  Classy Accommodation with a Hint of the West – The 2013 winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence offers comfortable rooms that feature a western décor as well as numerous amenities such as wet bars, private baths, and electric heating and air conditioning. You can take your pick from any of the 15 rooms offered, each of which comes with a view of the lodge or heated pool. However, if you’re traveling with your family, you can opt for either the Wigwam Family House or Southwest Family House. Western Style, Hearty Meals – Western food lovers and fans of the traditional dude ranch dining style will enjoy their meals at the ranch. While breakfast is made to order, you can sink your teeth into a delicious buffet lunch on the patio. You’ll know when lunch is served when you hear the chow bell ringing. Meanwhile, dinner is served family style in Flying E’s comfy dining room. If you do get hungry in between, you can indulge in fresh fruit, cookies, candy, lemonade, and ice tea from the pantry.

Happy Hour at the Saloon – Flying E Ranch enjoys connecting guests and encouraging them to mingle in its authentic saloon. Between 5:30 and 6:30 pm, you can indulge in a variety of hors d’oeuvres and mixers to complement the beer you bring along. If you haven’t brought any beer on your trip, you can purchase a six pack from Safeway and Bashas stores in Wickenburg.

Wide Range of Fun Activities – There’s never a boring minute at the ranch. When you’re not enjoying Flying E’s traditional western cuisine or interacting with other guests, you can try any of the activities offered. For example, you can join the two-hour horseback rides offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. You can also go hiking or bird watching up Vulture Peak with the help of our professionals or simply soak your stress away at our heated pool or Jacuzzi.

Variety of Ranch Events – The dude ranch is constantly bustling with one event or the other. For the 204-2015 season, you can be part of the Ranch Christmas, cowboy and casino-themed New Year’s Eve, and Annual I Wanna Be a Cowgirl Weekend among other events. You can check the calendar at

The Bottom Line

Flying E Ranch surely has something for everyone. So don’t just read about what you can do there; book your stay at the ranch to truly enjoy the life, comfort and hospitality the west is most famous for.


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