Drowsy Water Ranch-A Colorado Guest Ranch

Published: 2/7/2012 8:56:10 AM


Guest ranches in Colorado take advantage of the state’s mountainous, Rocky Mountain landscape, and outback living to attract visitors. Being centrally located in the US, guests from all over won’t have to travel far to visit a guest ranch in Colorado. Drowsy Water Ranch, located in Granby, is just one of RanchSeeker’s many Colorado guest ranches. Family owned and operated by the Fosha family, Ken, Randy Sue, Justin, Ryan and their children the Drowsy Water Ranch has been in their family for 36 years.

Because the guest ranch is family owned and operated your hosts are involved in every activity and aspect of the ranch. There is a strong emphasis on their riding program and an individual approach to all riders. They also feature outstanding kid’s programs, great programing for families of all ages and sizes including couples and singles. It is situated in a scenic area and is very much a working ranch but with lots of options that are all included like rafting, guided hikes, guided mountain biking among other fun activities.

 Last week when I was speaking with Justin about his guest ranch he shared with me the following: “Dude ranches allow you to show people a western way of life surrounded by beautiful mountains while enjoying entertaining people who are having a fantastic time while on vacation.  You are also sharing your home with people and making friends for a living all while riding horses.” The Drowsy Water Ranch is proud that their guest ranch has been picked for the Trip Advisor Travel Choice Awards in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

It is a fantastic tribute from their guests who posted reviews about their ranch. In 2010 they were choses as #1 All-inclusive vacation destination in the world followed up by #4 last year and this year in the top 25 category. Such a huge honour that they plan to continue to live up to in the future.

So when planning your next vacation consider staying at Colorado’s Drowsy Water Ranch….a fun guest ranch vacation for the entire family!

Overview of the ranch and its programs with some great riding clips VIDEO

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