California Dude Ranches

A California ranch vacation takes advantage of the comfortable climate and variety of picturesque landscapes to attract visitors. From the picturesque Sierra Nevada landscape around Taylorsville, to magnificent ocean views from the Coffee Creek Ranch and Marble Mountain Ranch along the Northern California coast, to the always-sunny weather of Santa Barbara County in the southern part of the state, California dude ranches truly have something for everyone. You may not think of a California dude ranch vacation when you think of the The Golden State, but spectacular Western dude ranches abound in California.

Activities for every member of the family can be found at any of these spectacular California dude ranches: horseback riding, fly fishing, golfing, wildlife viewing, tennis, hiking, mountain biking, horseshoes, games for the whole family, and even yoga classes! Many dude ranches have facilities for weddings and other special events. Whether you’re 5 or 65, a California ranch vacation will be one that you and your entire family will create treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Imagine spending the day surfing, playing volleyball, or swimming at a Californian beach, then relaxing at night eating barbeque and watching the sun set over the mountainous landscape. All this is possible at Californian dude ranches because of the optimal weather conditions.

California may be known for its’ big cities and glamorous movie stars, but you can also live like a movie star one day, and stay at a local dude ranch and take in mountain biking, barbeques, and swimming, and the natural landscapes the next day.

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4UR Ranch, Creede
Coffee Creek Ranch, Trinity Center
Howard Creek Ranch, Westport
Marble Mountain Ranch, Somes Bar