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Running Reins Ranch THE Place to Be This Summer

7/6/2016 3:05:50 PM

For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Running Reins Ranch, located in Red Deer County, Alberta is the ideal choice for a vacation. Just 90 minutes northeast of Calgary this Canadian guest ranch is the perfect place for horse-minded people to kick back and relax after a fun day spent enjoying one of the many activities available for guests. The ranch sits on 160 acres on the banks of the Red Deer River and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of crown land. There are countless beautiful trails to explore around the property down to the shore of the River.

Since the ranch is only open throughout the warmer months (May-September) guests find the climate during the day perfect for riding, fishing, hiking and swimming. Warm evenings lend themselves to roasting marshmallows around a flickering campfire or stargazing into a night sky devoid of any unnatural light. Don’t forget to bring an inner tube or a floating raft with you so that you can cruise down the river on the four hour float trip that can be arranged with the ranch’s staff!

Bring your own horse or ride one of Running Rein Ranch’s horses. Be sure to contact the ranch in advance to check availability and ride times.  For those who bring their own horses there are kilometers and kilometers of riding trails to explore. Many of the trails lead to the river where you can try your hand at fishing or cool off in the river while taking in the beautiful scenery around you. Camp with your horses! Each site has stalls for your horses, enough room to park several vehicles, your living quarters’ horse trailer or plain horse trailer and each site has at least one two- person Teepee for your enjoyment. If you require a larger Teepee check ask about the larger Teepee sites.

In addition to the regular Teepees there are romantic honeymoon Teepees as well as cozy cabins. If you have never stayed in a Teepee you are in for a huge treat! With over 50 equestrian campsites that in most cases are 100’ by 100’ and all of them include a corral, picnic table and fire pit you and your horses are sure to feel right at home!

Cozy Teepee accommodations

Stay for a few days or longer regardless of how long you can get away for you and your family or friends are bound to have a great time!

Let RanchSeeker help you find your ideal guest ranch vacation today!

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A Taste of the Old West at Arizona's White Stallion Ranch!

6/2/2016 2:33:41 PM

The following article appeared in  Ranch & Reserve Magazine’s 6th edition.

Are you looking for a stress-free vacation far from the madding crowd? If so, the White Stallion Ranch is the ideal place.  Situated between Phoenix and Tucson this charming, informal ranch is easily accessible from Arizona’s two major airports. Steeped in the history of cowboy country and the location of many a Hollywood movie, this authentic guest ranch imparts that true Old West feeling to its guests. Located at the foot of the Tucson mountain range and directly adjacent to the Saguaro National Park, guests enjoy wide-open spaces, beautiful scenery and breathtaking sunsets. The White Stallion Ranch is a working ranch and open year round, which means that guests can choose to fill their days with the various ranch activities or simply kick back and relax….. either way you will enjoy exceptional hospitality and all the creature comforts of a top resort.

White Stallion Ranch

Built in the 1900’s this historic ranch started out as a cattle ranch with its original property constructed of Mexican adobe bricks made from straw and mud. Today, guests can still see a small part of the original adobe on display in the dining room, the first structure to be built at the ranch.  In 1965, Allen and Cynthia True from Colorado decided to make The White Stallion Ranch their home and now 51 years later guests are greeted by third-generation Trues who continue to welcome people into their home. Over the years, the True family have maintained the traditions of the Old West by preserving many of the original buildings; however, Russel and Michael (Cynthia and Allen’s boys) have added many modern amenities and established one of the largest privately owned herds of cattle and horses in Arizona.

Movie buffs will love White Stallion Ranch’s extensive Hollywood history. The list of movies that have been filmed here throughout the years starting from 1939 until 2014 is truly impressive. In the earlier years the ranch was often used as a backdrop in Western feature films and later, as a location for the television series, The High Chaparral (1968-72). The ranch has been featured in 27 Hollywood films which include Confessions of a Dangerous Mind filmed in 2002 starring everyone’s favourite actor George Clooney with co-star Sam Rockwell.  If Western movies are your ‘thing’ don’t hesitate to ask the staff for the complete list of movies shot at the ranch and they just might throw in some juicy insider gossip!

A dude ranch vacation is not complete without the opportunity to experience an authentic western rodeo.  Every Wednesday afternoon (weather permitting) the ranch’s wranglers, family and friends take part in an exhibition rodeo that for almost 50 years has been a tradition at White Stallion Ranch. Guests can watch riders compete in team roping, barrel racing, breakaway roping and sometimes bulldogging. If these terms are unfamiliar don’t worry since from your seat in the bleachers you will hear and see first-hand what a rodeo is all about and gain a better understanding of the cowboy way of life. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and soak up some Old West culture.

Photo Credit: Steve LoRicco

Aside from Wednesday afternoon rodeos, White Stallion Ranch offers lots of fun and interesting activities for guests to partake in such as hiking, rock climbing as well as a diverse children’s program for younger guests. Riding enthusiasts will appreciate the varied scenic trails and wide choice of rides available every day of the week except on Sundays when the horses rest.   Horse lovers can choose from mountain rides, slow, fast or all day, as well as a hay ride and team cattle penning. Each rider is carefully matched with a horse suited to their specific riding experience for the duration of the stay. For those wishing to improve their riding skills, classes are available for $20/hour, payable to one of the friendly wranglers at the ranch, who will gladly help and assist guests  to gain more confidence in the saddle.

In addition to the daily rides, the ranch also offers two unique riding opportunities for guests over the age of 21. These rides, available seasonally, are the perfect way to get to know your fellow guests in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The “Wine & Cheese Ride” takes guests to a secluded area of the ranch surrounded by mountains and stunning scenery where an assortment of cheeses, crackers and bread are paired with a unique selection of wines. While you and your fellow guests sample different cheeses and wines, your horse waits patiently a short distance away. For those who prefer drinking a ‘cold one’ the ranch offers a “Beer & Cheetos” ride. Picnic tables are set up in a special spot in the desert where guests can snack on a childhood favourite, brightly-coloured orange Cheetos, washed down by ice-cold beers. Both rides are a wonderful way to make new friends or enjoy the company of old ones.

White Stallion Ranch

At the end of the day retire into one of the ranch’s 41 guest rooms or a 4 bedroom Hacienda ideal for larger groups or families. You’ll feel right at home in one of the spacious rooms all of which feature a private patio with views of either the cactus gardens, mountains or corrals. Some suites include gas fireplaces or whirlpool bathtubs and all the rooms have hair dryers, mini-refrigerators and personal safes. When you’re not off exploring the area by horseback there is a rec room & movie theatre, gift shop, heated pool & hot tub, sports courts, fitness center, bar, and a fun petting zoo for kids and adults alike.

Currently celebrating 51 years of western hospitality the True family invite you to reconnect with nature, family and friends while engaging in a variety of fun outdoor activities and enjoying the breathtaking scenery that has brought Hollywood filmmakers to the White Stallion Ranch for over 70 years.

So don’t forget to bring your camera along and your sense of adventure too!

Let RanchSeeker help you find your ideal guest ranch vacation!

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Authentic Texas Style Peach Cobbler

5/20/2016 4:13:03 PM

Cobblers are as all American as you can get. Early settlers found themselves unable to make their beloved puddings due to the lack of ingredients and cooking equipment available. Most of the time there were at camp and only had a fire to cook with. They then improvised with local ingredients to create their version of a “pudding” with a stewed fruit base covered with a batter or biscuit base. Some variations have a bottom and top crust. Most of the time cobblers were made in dutch ovens over an open fire.

Actually, using fresh fruit to make a cobbler isn’t exactly what you’d call “authentic”. The fact is that the first cobblers didn’t contain anything fresh, they were simply “cobbled” together from odds and ends by Western trail cooks. For the people living and working West of the Mississippi fruit mostly came either dried, preserved in syrup, or in some cases canned.

There are many types of fruit that you can use for cobblers but peach is a classic. There’s just something about peaches. Maybe it's the velvety skin that makes them seem so impossibly delectable. A ripe peach when bitten into has a tender "give" to it, followed by a rush of incredibly sweet and flavorful juice that is about as close to being decadent, without being chocolate, as you can get. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy peaches during their summer prime in as many ways as possible. And one of the best, most time-honored ways to enjoy peaches is in a peach cobbler.

texas peach cobbler

This version of the peach cobbler dessert tops a biscuit like base with a juicy fruit topping. The batter goes into the dish first, then rises up through the fruit as it bakes. Your family will love this and they can reheat it and eat it throughout the day.


4 cups peaches (ripe, sliced and peeled)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon lemon juice
4 tablespoons sugar

1 1/4 cups all purpose flour
6 tablespoons butter
3/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon turbinado sugar


1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Peel the peaches. It’s best to use fresh peaches but you can also use canned and frozen peaches in a pinch or if peaches are out of season. Ripe peaches are easier to peel. When you press your thumb against the peach you should be able to feel the peach’s flesh move beneath the skin. If they are too hard you will have to peel them with a pairing knife (or wait for them to ripen).

To peel fresh, ripe peaches bring a pot of water to boil. Submerge peaches completely in boiling water for approximately one minute (less if they are really soft) then immediately dunk them in a bowl full of ice water. Remove peaches and cut a small X at the bottom of each and use these points as starting points for pulling the peels off. Peel and slice the peaches, place in a medium bowl.

If using canned peaches drain them and place them in the bowl. For frozen peaches, thaw and place in the bowl.

2.) Prepare filling by combining peaches, sugar, lemon juice & vanilla. Set aside.

3.)Prepare the batter by placing butter in an 8 inch square baking dish. Place dish over hot water for 5 minutes or until butter melts.

4.)Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and cinnamon in a medium bowl. Combine milk and 1/2 tsp vanilla together and add milk mixture to flour mixture, stirring just until moist. Spoon batter over butter and spread evenly. Do not stir the mixture

5.)Spoon the peach mixture over the  batter, gently pressing the peaches into batter.

6.)Bake at 350 for 40 minutes. Sprinkle with turbinado sugar, and bake for an additional 10 minutes or until crust is golden.

California’s Marble Mountain Guest Ranch    

4/28/2016 7:45:20 AM

The following article appeared in  Ranch & Reserve Magazine's 5th edition.

California usually evokes images of surfboards, bikini-clad girls, tanned beach-goers, Hollywood stars and authentic Mexican food, but this “sunny state” also has a different, more adventurous side for you to discover!  Somes Bar in northwest California is home to the Marble Mountain Guest Ranch where guests can experience an all-inclusive, unparalleled ‘summit to sea’ vacation. Families and groups with diverse interests and needs will easily be entertained and engaged throughout their stay owing to the many activities to choose from as well as a youth buckaroo program.

Marble Mountain Guest Ranch is a true family-owned and operated business. Since 1981 the Cole family has been welcoming guests into their home and, as of 1970, they have been in the outfitting, guiding and dude ranch industry. Unlike many guest ranches, all of the activities are personally outfitted and guided by Marble Mountain Guest Ranch family members, which eliminates the handing over of guests to third-party vendors and does away with long shuttle rides to off-site locations. This hands-on attention enables the ranch to maintain the highest level of quality control and risk management, while providing its guests with exceptional individualized hospitality.  The guest ranch’s signature all-inclusive “saddle and paddle” or “raft and ride” vacation options coupled with its superb dining experience is sure to satisfy even the pickiest traveler in your group.

California Guest Ranch

Horseback riders will be awed by the stunning scenery of the Klamath National forest which provides thrilling mountain trail riding through ancient Douglas Fir stands to high vistas with views across deep river valleys and granite ridge tops. Riders and horses alike will find themselves challenged by an ever-evolving backdrop of dramatic, rugged landscapes. All of the horseback rides are designed to match individual groups’ riding experience with a ratio of 6 riders to 1 wrangler. There are also plenty of opportunities for novice riders and younger riders including round-pen and arena horse riding instruction

The ranch’s signature “raft and ride” program enables guests to either ride or sign up for various sport shooting and sporting clays activities available in the cooler mornings and then take part in the rafting trips in the warmer afternoons. Guests who choose shooting sports will get to experience the Western Firearms tradition in a sporting non-kill venue. The afternoon Klamath River Rafting program features class II and III beginner and intermediate level rapids and is suited for all ages and experience levels and also provides great swimming opportunities. Guests will find themselves navigating the gentle river currents that pass through the land of Big Foot in the Siskiyou Mountain. Wildlife enthusiasts will have the chance to spot otters, beavers, ospreys, eagles and a myriad of other creatures and perhaps even BIG FOOT himself! For adventure-seekers visiting before the month of July there are stand-alone rafting options on the thrilling California Salmon River, the Scott River, and on Clear Creek. The Cal Salmon, or “Slammin Salmon” is for advanced white-water enthusiasts only who are visiting in the spring, and is not included as part of the normal summer family guest ranch program.

More details are available upon request.

California Guest Ranch

Marble Mountain Guest Ranch’s target audience is families so that your kids, no matter what their age, will depart the ranch with lifelong pen pals from all walks of life and from all across the globe. Exciting activities that are based on traditional Western frontier experiences provide non-stop fun. Little ones enjoy nature walks, arts and crafts, feeding small animals, harvesting chicken eggs and more. Older kids take part in riding games, riding lessons, scenic trail ride adventures, and Western shooting sports at the range. Afternoon excursions include rafting, kayaking, and fishing. Evening activities are all about campfires, lariat challenges, fish-outs, and Western frontier games. At the end of their stay your kids will find it hard to choose which part of the vacation they loved most.

One cannot talk about the thrilling experiences and spectacular scenery at this California guest ranch without also mentioning the food!  Fresh mountain air and invigorating daily outdoor activities stimulate appetites and make mealtimes an important part of a dude ranch vacation. Healthy, hearty, and wholesome meals using only the freshest ingredients and produce cultivated from the ranch’s very own gardens and orchards are something to savour and enjoy every day. Upscale and original cuisine is brought to you by Executive Chef, and ranch co-owner Heidi Cole, who brings to the table over 40 years in the food service industry. Be sure to check out Heidi’s cookbook “Ranch Cooking - Simply Good” available in the ranch’s gift shop.

Last but not least at the end of an action-packed day, guests retire to either cottages or homes. Accommodations include fully furnished deluxe homes and housekeeping cottages with full kitchens, as well as smaller units that come with kitchenettes. Ranch cottages include 1-3 bedrooms that vary in size which can accommodate two people or as large as a group of seven. Every cottage provides beds with linens and towels, bathrooms with toilets as well as showers and a kitchenette.  Breathtaking sunrises in the morning and fiery sunsets in the evenings with a star-studded sky are included at no extra charge.

California Guest Ranch

There isn’t any cell coverage at Marble Mountain Guest Ranch although there is WiFi available in the lodge for those who really need to stay connected during their stay; however, a vacation at this guest ranch is the ideal opportunity to disconnect from technology and maximize family participation as well as reconnect with nature. Although many guest ranches offer great food, incredible scenery, superb hospitality and a marvelous horse program, there aren’t many ranches that excel at providing such a diverse program of activities designed to appeal to mixed interest groups and families.

California, or the Golden State as it is fondly referred to, is more commonly associated with surfers, swimsuits and movie stars, but it is also home to Marble Mountain Guest Ranch, a dude ranch that encompasses a singular all-inclusive outdoor adventure designed specifically for you and your family’s enjoyment.

Let RanchSeeker help you find your ideal guest ranch vacation destination! www.ranchseeker.com

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Dog Friendly Dude Ranch Vacations

4/10/2016 12:16:13 AM

Pets are our best friends and people want to do everything with them including vacation. Since dogs are like members of our families there’s always tough decisions to be made when you decide to go on a vacation. Who will take care of your dog? Where will your dog stay? Will your dog get lonely? Will your dog miss your family? What if an emergency occurs with your dog while you are away? These are not things you would like to be worrying about while you are trying to relax and bond with your family. However, there is a solution. Take your dog with you on a dude ranch vacation.

Dog Friendly Dude Ranches

Dog friendly dude ranches are becoming more popular every year. The dude ranch environment is highly suitable for dogs and with all that glorious outdoor space at their disposal, they will have a blast! Imagine going on a horseback ride with your furry friend happily trotting along beside you. Perhaps on another day your dog can join you for a hike or bike ride on the nature trails. Bring along some toys and enjoy a nice game of frisbee on another day.

Here are some pet friendly dude ranches who welcome dogs and other pets. Each ranch has different rules and expectations for dogs, so contact any dude ranch you’re considering and speak to them about the specifics of their dog-friendly policy before booking. Most fees are pretty nominal and a small price to pay to bring your furry BFF. Most likely your dog will need to be house trained and get along well with other animals and people.

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch welcomes dogs to stay in cabins for only an additional $15 fee per night. They also allow guests to bring their own horses in the Spring and Fall. Western Pleasure Guest Ranch is a fourth generation family owned and operated ranch, located on 1100 acres of beautifully scenic North Idaho. They are open year round and very family friendly. There are a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.

pet friendly dude ranch

YD Guest Ranch

 YD Guest Ranch in British Columbia is pet friendly and all they require is for your dog to be kept on a leash or contained when you are away from the ranch. Your dog will need to be trained to not bark when left on their own as well. Pet’s can stay in tipis and tent-cabins for an extra charge of $20/day. Horses are also welcome. Dry hook up are $35/night and paddocks are $35 for a single horse and $15 for shared. YD Guest Ranch is a luxury adventure ranch featuring unique first class accommodation, exceptional dining and a huge diversity of guided experiences on site. Their accommodations are very unique and you can book a stay in one of their tipis, tent- cabins and tree houses.

pet friendly vacation

Southern Cross Guest Ranch

 Southern Cross Guest Ranch welcomes guests to bring their own horse. Guests can book the All Inclusive Non-Riding plan which includes their lodging and meals.  A stall rental of $15 per night is charged for the horse.  Then you can ride on their trails at any time of the day or night.  They have many repeat guests that do this quite frequently. Southern Cross Guest Ranch is a premier year-round guest ranch and horse farm conveniently nestled in Central Georgia's Historic Heartland and within an hours drive from Atlanta

Echo Valley Ranch

Echo Valley Ranch is a luxury ranch and world class spa located in British Columbia. They also welcome dogs and horses. Their only requirements for dogs is that they must get along with border collies as the ranch has about 10 over them residing there and the guests must rent a cabin. The additional cost is $20/day. Horses need a certificate of health from a veterinarian and the cost of boarding is $25/day.

dog friendly vacation

Coffee Creek Ranch

Coffee Creek Ranch welcomes animals of all types as long as they are house trained and well socialized. You can bring your dog, cat, rabbit, pig etc. They have dog friendly cabins with outside kennels for your dog to stay in while you are gone for activities. Dogs are not allowed on horseback rides but can join you for walks and hikes on the trails.  The fees are $10/per day for each animal and a refundable cleaning deposit of $10 a day. They also allow you to bring your own horse for $25/day as long as you can verify your horse is current on shots. Coffee Creek Ranch is located Northern California on 357 acres surrounded by National Forest and the Trinity Alps wilderness area.

pet friendly vacations

Happy Trails (Woof)

White Stallion Ranch

3/27/2016 4:06:10 PM

At White Stallion Ranch, the personal touch and hospitality of a traditional dude ranch is carefully blended with the service and amenities of a fine resort. Reconnect with nature, family, friends and serenity while riding through the unspoiled desert, rugged mountains and cactus that have brought Hollywood film-makers to the ranch for over 70 years. White Stallion Ranch has been featured in 27 Hollywood films dating back to 1939.

Arizona Guest Ranch

White Stallion Ranch is a proud member of the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame as the #1 property in Tucson for 5 consecutive years. White Stallion Ranch is situated between Phoenix and Tucson, making it easy accessible from Arizona’s two major airports.

The Place for Family Fun

White Stallion Ranch is a wonderful place to bring your family. They welcome children and have many family fun activities such as rock climbing, basketball, hiking, tennis, volleyball, swimming, hayrides  and even have a petting zoo. After the family has fun playing outdoors, they can relax after dinner in the fun recreation room. There are many games to choose from which includes a foosball table, a pool table,  shuffleboard, air hockey and board games. There won’t be a moment where your family isn’t occupied and having a wonderful time.

Family vacation

White Stallion Ranch also has a special Cactus Kids Summer rate .This ranch is one of the few places left in the world where your children are safe to go about their day without you.  After introductions have been made, you’ll find them off with  their new friends for various activities.  Do you have little toddlers? Well if they are under 5, they stay for free.

The Ranch for Horseback Riding Enthusiasts

If you are hoping to get a lot of time in the saddle, then White Stallion Ranch is the perfect destination for you. With one of the largest privately owned herds in Arizona, they have a horse for every experience level from first-time trailblazers to life-long riders. In addition, guests are carefully matched with their horse for the duration of their stay, based on riding experience, height, weight and riding ambitions.

Horseback riding

White Stallion Ranch offers a wide variety of horseback riding excursions. If you are a beginner, go on one of their Slow Rides. This is the best way to see the desert flora and fauna and experience the ecosystem of the Sonoran desert. You’ll ride all week and never use the same trail twice on their walking rides. If you are a more experienced rider and want more of an adrenaline rush try one of their fast rides. Intermittent walking and trotting allows you to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery. If you want to learn or improve your riding skills, White Stallion Ranch also offers lessons with their patient and knowledgeable wranglers. You have the choice of group or private lessons. Also, try their Wine & Cheese or Beer and Cheetos rides where you ride into a secluded spot with your group and enjoy your chosen beverage and snacks.

What is more Western than an old fashioned hayride.? Every Wednesday, climb aboard their hay wagon, decked out with hay bales for seats and powered by a magnificent team of draft horses and head towards your special lunch spot. There you will enjoy “All American” hamburgers and hotdogs cooked over a fragrant Mesquite fire with all the trimmings


For all the female horseback riding enthusiasts out there, White Stallion Ranch offers their popular Cactus Cowgirls events for women five times a year. You’ll have your very own horse that you can groom, bathe, learn to saddle and ride. There will be plenty of riding and lessons so it’s a perfect time to improve your saddle skills.


The ranch has a warm, welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. The accommodations are beautiful western-themed casitas with views of mountains, gardens and, of course, the horses. White Stallion Ranch as 41 guest rooms and also The Hacienda, a lovely and private four-bedroom, three-bathroom home perfect for larger families or small groups.

White Stallion Ranch

All your meals and snacks are included in the nightly rate. Fresh, quality ingredients go into the meal options at White Stallion Ranch. Their homestyle meals are sure to please many palates and they can accommodate special diets with advance notice. Coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, hot and cold teas and lemonade are available all day.

White Stallion’s all- inclusive vacations offer great value for all the activities they offer your entire family. Be sure to book early as their special packages and holidays fill up quickly.

Happy Trails!

Spring Dude Ranch Vacation Specials

2/23/2016 7:15:45 AM

RanchSeeker is thrilled to announce that we will be contributing to Ranch & Reserve magazine on a monthly basis. Ranch & Reserve is a magazine with a distinct appeal that celebrates the North American west with food, wine, country music, art and true Native craftsmanship.

Please help this new magazine out by liking their Facebook page  as well as their Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

The following modified article appears in Ranch & Reserve's March issue:

When people think of guest ranches, horseback riding is the main activity that first comes to mind and although this remains the primary focus of numerous ranches, there are guest ranches that also offer a wide array of exciting and adrenalin-inducing options for the more adventure-seeking traveler. Have you ever dreamed about white-water rafting down a fast flowing river or zip lining high above the treetops? Or how about learning new skills like archery, skeet and long distance shooting?  And for those up to the challenge, rock climbing will not only test fitness levels, but will boost your feeling of confidence and dare-do spirit. The following ranches, aside from offering exceptional equestrian programs, provide these activities and more for anyone looking to try something new or wanting to add to their horseback riding vacation.

Red Reflet Ranch

Located in beautiful Ten Sleep, Wyoming, this guest ranch strives to provide its guests with a remarkable and unique vacation experience.  Both a working ranch and luxury guest ranch resort, it offers all-inclusive stays with unlimited activities. Sign up for intense, high-energy fun or choose a more relaxed way to pass your time… the choice is yours!  With over 27,000 acres, guests are encouraged to experience the spectacular surrounding landscape as much as possible on horseback, in addition to the more adrenalin-rush options available.

Soar through the air like a bird while strapped into a harness on the ranch’s private 4 course zip line. Get ready for a fast, exciting ride over the ponds of Red Reflet.  Do it as many times as you want since unlike most zip line courses, there is no limit to your fun. Once you have decided to plant your feet firmly on the ground for a while, learn a new skill like rifle range or skeet shooting. Qualified instructors will show you the proper handling and usage of their guns and rifles. For younger participants this is the ideal opportunity to teach them about gun safety and lots of people enjoy this aspect of Western life. If you feel like testing your fitness level or are in need of a good workout then there are several climbing sites from moderately difficult to challenging where you will be treated to unrivaled views of the Ten Sleep Canyon. Red Reflet Ranch also has its own man-made rock wall where you can hone your skills before attempting a ‘real’ climb on a natural rock surface.

Open year-round this Wyoming guest ranch has different attractions available during the four seasons. Customize your dream adventure based on what you would like to experience. Being a working ranch as well means that the highest level of ranch activity takes place during the Spring and Fall. Accommodations include various sized chalets and one Ranch House that sleeps up to 14 that is perfect for large families or groups. Some of the additional activities include: fishing, ATVs, mountain biking, cattle drives, hiking, skeet & rifle shooting.

Wyoming Guest Ranch
Red Reflet Ranch

Gros Ventre River Ranch 

An ideal vacation choice for adventure buffs, the Gros Ventre River Ranch is located in a beautiful natural setting in Moose, Wyoming, just 18 miles from the visitor’s entrance of Grand Teton National Park, and 60 miles from the southern entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  Aside from a first-rate riding program  which includes scenic trails or the more challenging rides in the surrounding hills, Gros Ventre River Ranch has something for everyone and offers some fun heart-stopping options* for the thrill seekers in your group.

If you have ever wanted to try white-water rafting, the Snake River Canyon is the place, as it features Class III and Class IV rapids. Take the plunge down this aptly-named river with experienced guides and enjoy spectacular scenery while maneuvering through rushing water and canyon bends. Getting wet isn’t for everybody, so perhaps running off a mountain is more your speed.  At Rendezvous Mountain you and an experienced pilot strapped to your back will take off  from the 10, 450 foot summit and smoothly paraglide down to the ground while experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the Teton and Snake River Range with incredible vistas only possible from your privileged vantage point. Finally, for those not content to simply admire the majestic Tetons from their deck, rock climbing is available too. The opportunities for adventure at Gros Ventre River Ranch are endless*Please note that these activities can be arranged through the ranch, but are provided off-site by local companies with no affiliation to the ranch.

Open June through September Gros River Ranch is a premier Jackson Hole dude ranch that can accommodate up to 30-40 guests per week. With four log cabins, five log lodges, and one Homestead House you are sure to find the ideal option for your vacation needs. Some of the on-site activities include: horseback riding; fly- fishing in the stocked ponds; hiking, canoeing, team penning & sorting; mountain biking and roping instruction.

Wyoming Guest Ranch
Gros Ventre River Ranch

Vista Verde Ranch 

Nestled in the Elk River Valley just north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado you’ll find Vista Verde Ranch. Deep in the Rocky Mountains this luxury dude ranch boasts exceptional views and offers a wide array of activities throughout the different seasons. Create a lifetime of memories white staying at this AAA Four Diamond, 500 acre property that features personalized service and true Western hospitality. Horseback riding is a must whether you visit during the summer or winter months and for those who love playing in the snow the ranch has lots of fun activities to choose from like skiing, snow-shoeing and snow tubing to name but a few.

For the more adventurous guest, Vista Verde Ranch provides 2 rock climbing trips per week. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the sport either, since you’ll first spend a few hours learning the basics of rock climbing and rappelling. This activity is suitable for families with children but will also challenge vacationers looking for added excitement. The views of the National Forest are well worth the short hike up the rock. During the summer months cool off on a daylong river-rafting trip. At the beginning of the season, experienced guides will lead you down the snow-fed rapids for a true white-water adventure on the Eagle River. As the summer wears on and the snow melts away your trip will be calmer in nature but just as much fun.

The Dude Ranch season runs from June through late October and Vista Verde operates as a winter ranch from mid- December to early March. It is closed during the spring and fall for “mud season”. Accommodations include a spacious private log cabin or deluxe lodge room. Additional summer activities include: fly-fishing, mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, photography and culinary adventures.

Colorado Ranch
Vista Verde Ranch

Whether you decide to stay at Red Reflet Ranch, Gros Ventre River Ranch or Vista Verde Ranch you are guaranteed to find comfortable accommodations, top-notch riding programs, true Western hospitality and an abundance of diverse activities for even the most adventurous traveler in your group. Dude ranch vacations nowadays truly deliver the ‘stuff’ that memories are made from.  RanchSeeker can help you find the ideal guest ranch vacation today! www.ranchseeker.com

Happy Trails!

Inspiring Horse Quotes

2/10/2016 11:42:59 PM
Ranchseeker has accumulated quite a collection of horse quotes and horse inspiration over the years so I thought I would share them with the world. Horses are among some of the most beautiful creatures on our planet. A horse is a combination of beauty and power and the connection they have with us is so powerful and real. Horses are among the most photographed creatures and I don’t blame photographers because the camera does love them. I hope you find the quotes uplifting and insightful. Horses are really a gift from above.

Ride more, worry less

ride more worry less

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Horse Care Resolutions For The New Owner

12/28/2015 4:59:57 PM

Have you recently become the proud owner of a horse or involved in helping to look after one? Maybe you're even thinking about having your own horse one day? If you fit any of these categories, then the following resolutions on how to properly care for and bond with your horse might be useful.

Brush and groom your horse regularly and often.  A well-groomed horse is a happy horse and the amount of care and attention a horse receives is fundamental in creating a unique bond between horse and owner. This special closeness is essential in having a good working rapport during riding sessions and will translate into quicker responsiveness by the horse to your commands in any given situation.

Horse Grooming

Spend lots of time giving your horse positive re-enforcement. The more your horse feels connected and lovingly controlled, the more willing it will be to follow your instructions and be better behaved.

Clean horse stalls at least twice a day and paddocks once a week. No-one likes to live in a dirty environment and this includes horses.  Your horse will appreciate and be more comfortable living in well-maintained quarters.

Clean Horse Stalls

Improve your cardio and you'll have better control and stamina while on the horse.  Also, this ensures you are fully energized to make split second decisions while riding. Improving physical fitness in general will improve your riding performance.

Improve your balance.  A good exercise is to sit on a balance ball while lifting one leg off the floor at a time. This will improve your overall balance and will facilitate your body control and awareness in the saddle, which will allow for clearer, more precise communication with your horse.

Seated Leg Lifts

Ride without stirrups at least once a week. This helps your overall strength and position, making you a more effective and secure rider.  It's a good resolution to work without stirrups at least once a week and if youre feeling really ambitious, increase that to two or three times weekly.

Ride other horses if possible. When riding unfamiliar horses, you have to adjust your style to accommodate their quirks and responsiveness. Riding different horses occasionally makes you more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as a rider, and think about training, riding, and how to convey your desires accurately.  This will help you to ride your own horse better.

Buy some good riding clothes. A well-made jacket and jodhpurs will do wonders for your confidence and self-image as a new horse-owner.

Take lessons with a fully-qualified instructor.  Regardless of any previous riding experience, you can always benefit from having lessons and an instructor can help you and your horse get acquainted properly right from the get-go and not develop bad habits as you embark on an exciting new endeavour as a fully-fledged horse owner!

Colorado Trails Ranch

10/29/2015 4:21:59 PM

Earth’s Gateway to Heaven  Colorado has always been a popular vacation destination due to its majestic mountains, natural beauty, fly fishing spots, active lifestyle, and strong western heritage roots. Luckily, you can experience all of these at one spot – Colorado Trails Ranch. Combining casual luxury with the beauty of its surroundings, this dude ranch is quickly becoming a popular choice. And if you have a family, this is definitely the right dude ranch vacation for you. To find out more, giddy up through the following lines.

Colorada Trails Ranch

The History of Colorado Trails Ranch 

Unlike other ranches across North America, Colorado Trails Ranch was originally established as a dude ranch back in 1960. At the time, the property had two buildings: an old barn and an anteroom which was the Coney Cove dance hall in 1912. The log structure is still withstanding time till this day, but is used as wrangler staff housing. Over the span of half a decade, the ranch has grown beyond its ‘new’ lodge and six Alpine cabins. It had to also leave behind its tradition of allowing guests to make their own brands and burning them into the lodge’s timber posts. However, this was necessary to protect the building from burning down. Luckily, some traditions continue to this day. In addition to the arrival of staff every May over the past fifty years, Colorado Trails continues hosting the Equine Investigator’s Academy, an event that aims at teaching animal control officers and animal professionals how to identify and investigate horse abuse.

Why Colorado Trails Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

So, what makes Colorado Trails Ranch one of the best Colorado vacations destinations? Of the many reasons that come to mind, the following stand out the most.

Excellent Location 

The dude ranch is only 12 miles away from the historic mining town of Durango, a hot spot for scenic beauty and a historic landmark since the days of silver mines. The 450-acre property also shares a property line with the two million acre San Juan National Forest, allowing guests to view its natural marvels as well. Moreover, visitors get to enjoy panoramic views of the undeveloped country, which is one of the reasons city slickers visited the area since the 1800s.

Colorado Trails Ranch

Comfortable Accommodations

The dude ranch’s cabins are very comfortable and beautifully decorated with casual luxury in mind. You can choose from the following cabins available according to your family’s size:

  • Country – These two cabins are duplex units (four bedrooms and bathrooms) which share the porch area but have separate entrances. Each section of the Country Cabin is a suite that features a king bed, a bathroom with a tub or shower. The connecting room contains two sets of bunk beds or a twin bed and a bunk bed along with another bathroom.
  • Longview – This cabin features a living room, king-sized bed, a bathroom with a tub or shower, and a great porch you can enjoy the surrounding views from.
  • Bird House – Built in 2013, The Birdhouse is designed to offer handicapped guests all the amenities they need. One of the cabin’s two bedrooms has a king bed while the other has a queen bed and a twin bed. Each bedroom has its own sitting porch and bathroom. However, you’ll need to share the central living room.
  • The Fish Pond and The Den – Built in 2014 and 2015 respectively, The Fish Pond and The Den have two bedrooms and a central living room. While one bed has a king bed, the other contains a double bed and single bunk beds. Each room has its own private bathroom. The cabins have separate covered porches on each side.
  • The Lake Cabin, Mountain Cabin and The Woodlands Cabin – Three of the newest cabins at Colorado Trails Ranch, these are duplex units with covered porches on each side. Each side comprises of a main room with a king bed and bathroom. The other room has a double bunk and a single bunk. The Lake Cabin features a large living room for all the tenants of its four rooms whereas the other two have separate living rooms for each two bedrooms.
  • Storm Shelter – Built in 2014, The Storm Shelter has three bedrooms and a living room. Each bedroom has its private bathroom. Meanwhile, the bedrooms contain a kind bed, two double beds, and a double bed with a single set of bunks respectively.
Colorado Trails Ranch

Great Western Foods

At Colorado Trails Ranch, you can indulge your senses in scrumptious, wholesome edibles that are fulfilling and satisfying to all guests regardless of age. For instance, breakfast comprises of cold food selections such as bagels, yogurt and cereal, hot food selections like waffles and sausage. If you’re looking for something unique, you’re also welcome at the ranch’s cookout breakfasts.

Colorado Trails Ranch

Exciting On-Site Amenities 

Even if you decide to stay at the ranch, you won’t be too bored. While the Lodge is the heart of the ranch community, you can enjoy the heated swimming pool, gym, archery and rifle ranges, and basketball court. You’ll also enjoy dancing at The Opera House, playing games at The Ruckus Room, indulging in milkshakes or ice cream at Soda Fountain, or getting fly fishing supplies from the Fly Fishing Center.

Colorado Trails Ranch

A Variety of Dude Ranch Activities

There’s so much to do and see while staying at Colorado Trails Ranch, including the following:

  • Horseback Riding – You can enjoy the beauty of the San Juan Mountain trails on horseback. If you’re good enough, you can even take part in the Corral Capers guest rodeo. However, if you’re new, you can learn how to ride with the help of the ranch’s experienced riders.
  • Fishing – The dude ranch takes pride in being a trout heaven, so get your gear ready. You can also learn from Gordy Herrick, an experienced fisherman and head of the ranch’s fishing program. So decide whether you’re in for half-day fishing or full-day fishing beforehand.
  • Water Activities – You can go white water rafting on the Animas River with one of the ranch’s experts. Children are also welcome to go power tubing at the nearby Vallecito Lake.
Aside from these, you can go on a guided nature hike, enjoy horseshoe pit games, or trap shoot (with supervision). If you’re planning on relaxing during your vacation, the ranch also welcomes you to soak up in the ranch’s hot tub or curl with a book at the covered porch.

Special Activities for Children and Teens

As a family retreat, Colorado Trails Ranch offers kids from 5-17 years a range of activities that are suitable and safe for their age. For instance 5-8 year olds can go on a picnic lunch horseback ride, while 9-12 year olds can enjoy half-day river rafting trips. As for your teens, they can be part of the action during overnight wilderness camping or archery. The best part is that you’ll get to relax with your significant other while the ranch’s skilled staff helps them enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Affordable Packages

The ranch understands how important affordable vacations are for families, which is why it offers a range of packages that can help them slash costs. For starters, you have discount weeks, which offer up to 20% discounts on weekly rates between set dates. You also get special packages, which maximize your savings and fun. However, you’ll need to click these links to find out about the 2016 specials before the season starts in June.

The Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a place you and your children will never be bored to be at, Colorado Trails Ranch is what you seek. Just remember to reserve in advance to book your spot. Moreover, send through any dietary requirements you and your family members have in order for the chef to avoid ingredients that could bring on an allergic reaction. If you’d rather not avail these special packages, you can expect to pay at least $2,600 per adult in a two-room cabin. Children will be charged at $2,250 at the very least if between 5 and 12 years, whereas younger children will be charged $950. If you have a third child, they can stay with you free. You can also plan your vacation with another family and get a 15% discount. However, you’ll get more value for money with one of the ranch’s packages. Find out about those at Ranchseeker next year! Happy Trails!

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