Horseback Riding Lessons for Beginners

Horseback Riding for Beginners

Horseback riding is an enjoyable activity but it's important to have proper riding lessons as it can be dangerous. If you haven't ridden a horse before, beginner horseback riding lessons will give you the confidence in your abilities. There are many things to consider safety wise and it is best to have an experienced rider teach you. When you make the decision to take on horseback riding you no doubt immediately envision yourself riding a horse at a full gallop, but as the saying goes you must learn to walk before you can run.

Getting Horseback Riding Lessons

Before you begin horseback riding you need to know if you prefer an English or Western style tack (saddle and bridle). Your instructor can help you decide or you can reserach on own through the internet.

The horseback riding instructor will first acquaint you and educate you about horses as well as the tack, so do not expect to be put up on a horse the very first day let alone gallop off into the sunset. Your horseback riding lessons will proceed way too slowly in your opinion but you will learn invaluable information. After you learn about horses and tack, you will learn to mount and dismount a horse, learn the proper body confirmation while horseback riding, learn how to control and instruct your horse, and then learn to horseback ride the various gaits starting with a walk, to a jog, to a trot, to a canter, and finally to the gallop.

Horseback Riding Lesson Attire

It's very important to wear proper horseback riding attire when you are riding for your safety. A few things you should know about how to dress when taking horseback riding lessons. Never wear open toe shoes around a horse because the horse may accidently step on your toes, very painful. Your shoes, preferably boots, need to have a heel to prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup and getting caught. When horseback riding western style, jeans are a good choice; however, when horseback riding english style stretch pants are a better – this is simply because of how the saddle is made. Your shirt should not be oversized and should be tucked in to avoid getting caught on the saddle (particularly with the western style saddle) when mounting and dismounting. Your hair should either be short or secured to avoid getting in your eyes. Actually, the horseback riding instructor will no doubt have you were a helmet during your lessons. You may also want to purchase horseback riding gloves made from either leather or cloth. Horseback riding gloves prevent the reins from slipping out of your hands if they are sweaty.

Horseback riding is a very enjoyable experience, but make sure you follow the instructors advice so it remains a safe experience as well and someday your dream of riding off into the sunset will come true. Horseback riding lessons are well worth the investment to ensure your horseback riding experience is all it can be.

Many guest ranches have horseback riding lessons as part of their activities. Use the Ranchseeker search engine and search by Activities and Services.